Friday, 10 April 2009

Knit crazy

I've gone knit crazy!! I think one can have greater problems than that though... ;)

This is the first garment I've knitted from an Italian pattern. It's a cardigan for a 3 months old baby so it'll fit my baby girl perfectly when the real summer heat arrives... ;) It's made in really soft baby merino wool and the pattern is from the Italian magazine "Lana & bimbi 40".

- As it started to take shape it seemed to me that the shoulders were too broad and that the front and back were a little short, like the proportions were a little off. It seems to me that it's typically Italian since a lot of baby clothes you buy here are like that. Or maybe Italian babies have wider shoulders... ?
- The ealstic border was terribly boring to make as they had to be finished off using a needle.
- In my collection of hundreds and hundreds of buttons I only found six that were exactly the same. If you look closely you can see that the top two are slightly bigger.
- I had some problems reading the pattern...

+ I love the colour! It's a little intense but it's like a naturally dyed colour.
+ It was a really good beginners pattern, except for the border, easy to knit.
+ When I sewed it together I stretched it a little bit at the waist to make it slightly wider there. That way I think it looks like jacket.
+ I learnt a lot of new words in Italian! :)


makiato said...

Den ser så söt ut!

Veronica said...

Jag tycker den var jättefin :)

En Glad Påsk kram till dig!

Re-dizain said...

Den ser hur fin som helst!!!

med nål och tråd said...

Väldigt söt kofta.

Du frågade om trikåtyg. Jag skulle säga att det beror på. Det finns ju väldigt många olika trikåtyger. Om det har lagom stadga och stretch så kan du använda det. Men ett vanligt "t-shirttyg" har ju inte stretchigt. Prova dig fram!

elena fiore said...

Bella foto, splendido golfino! Ciao, elena.

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