Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Baby cardigan

I had so much fun knitting this baby cardigan 'cause it's really easy to make and the yarn is multicoloured so it creates lines and even dots! I actually finished it in only one week! :)

I've made it in super soft baby merino wool that I've bought here, but I think in Sweden you can buy similar yarn at Garnstudion. The pattern is by Drops Design and you'll find it here in Swedish and here in English.

Have a nice day! :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

and it's sooo boring...
I've finished two projects that I wanted to show you but I can't manage to take any good photos with this bad lighting... 10°C and raining... :( It seems the weather is much better in Scandinavia right now, good for you! :)
Anyway, here's a picture of something I made last year.

It's a "purse" for my sunglasses. The embroidery pattern is from some spring issue 08 of "Kreative Kvinder". I used leftover cotton embroidery thread and an old zipper. The back is in a green flowery pattern.

Don't forget to tell me what language you'd like me to write in by answering the question to the left!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

X-factor 2 Italia winner!

Idag bjuder jag på Matteo som vann säsongens italienska x-factor. X-factor är ungefär som svenska idol (skapad av Simon Cowell, ni vet han i american idol-juryn) men de tävlar i olika kategorier; under 24, 25+ och vokalgrupper. Den stora skillnaden är väl att en 38-årig tvåbarnspappa med antydan till gubbmage ALDRIG skulle kunna vinna Idol (han skulle ju inte ens få vara med förresten...) Här i duett med Elisa som tyvärr åkte ut tidigt, ser ni att hon är gravid?
Han vann förresten med bara 16 röster så mitt SMS hade faktiskt betydelse! :)

This guy, Matteo, won this year's edition of x-factor (He won with just 16 votes so my vote for him actually counted! :)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Crafting for my baby

It seems so far like most people prefer to read my blog in Swedish, and since no one has answered Italian I think I'll try for a while to write in Swedish (it's much easier for me anyway...) and at the end write a caption in English. Protest if you don't like it and answer my poll to the left! :)

Mitt senaste, färdiga, projekt är ett vindskydd till barnvagnen som jag delvis visat upp tidigare. Jag har lånat denna vagn, märke Torck, av min svägerska men överdraget/vindskyddet fattades och eftersom vi bor i en ganska blåsig stad tänkte jag att det måste väl jag som är så händig kunna ordna. Så nu när vår/sommavärmen börja komma på riktigt är jag äntligen färdig! :)

Det började med ett broderi med texten "Ciao Mondo" (=hej världen) och lite kaniner och ankor för att fylla ut. Garnet är överblivet danskt blomstergarn från detta broderi. Sen blev det lite lapptäckeaktigt och quiltat runtikring i matchande färger. Jag försökte att inte göra det allt för flickigt (jag vill ju att nästa bebis som ska använda vagnen ska kunna ha skyddet också) men det kanske det blev ändå? (klicka som vanligt på bilden om du vill se mitt arbete närmare)

Jag har sytt i resår som löper runt hela skyddet och fästs med öglor vid "skruvarna" men jag kom inte på nåt smart, enkelt sätt att fästa överdelen så just nu ligger den löst utanpå. Fiberfillen jag använt är ganska tjock så den liksom står upp av sig själv ganska bra så jag kanske lämnar den som den är. Om jag orkade skulle jag gärna fodra insidan av vagnen med samma blommiga tyg som jag använt på på baksidan av skyddet, men jag skulle tro att det inte blir av innan det är dags för sittvagn... ;)

This is my latest finished project, an embroidered, quilted cover for the baby's stroller that I started some time ago. I've borrowed the stroller and the cover was missing so I decided to make one. The white fabric is from IKEA (the cheapest one they sell) and leftovers I had at home. The embroidery is made from leftovers from this embroidery.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Pisa and a poll

Could you help me out with something , please?
I'd like to know in what language you'd prefer to read my blog. I've thought some about it and maybe English isn't the right option... ?

So, please help me out and answer my question to the left!

Har du lust att hjälpa mig och svara på frågan till vänster?

Per favore, aiutatemi rispondendo alla domanda nella colonna sinistra!

We spent our easter weekend in Pisa with good company, wonderful weather and this incredible view!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Knit crazy

I've gone knit crazy!! I think one can have greater problems than that though... ;)

This is the first garment I've knitted from an Italian pattern. It's a cardigan for a 3 months old baby so it'll fit my baby girl perfectly when the real summer heat arrives... ;) It's made in really soft baby merino wool and the pattern is from the Italian magazine "Lana & bimbi 40".

- As it started to take shape it seemed to me that the shoulders were too broad and that the front and back were a little short, like the proportions were a little off. It seems to me that it's typically Italian since a lot of baby clothes you buy here are like that. Or maybe Italian babies have wider shoulders... ?
- The ealstic border was terribly boring to make as they had to be finished off using a needle.
- In my collection of hundreds and hundreds of buttons I only found six that were exactly the same. If you look closely you can see that the top two are slightly bigger.
- I had some problems reading the pattern...

+ I love the colour! It's a little intense but it's like a naturally dyed colour.
+ It was a really good beginners pattern, except for the border, easy to knit.
+ When I sewed it together I stretched it a little bit at the waist to make it slightly wider there. That way I think it looks like jacket.
+ I learnt a lot of new words in Italian! :)

Thursday, 9 April 2009


This is my grandmother's interpretation of April, obviously the Swedish April... ;) Yesterday we had around 20 degrees and sunny and today it's still warm but a little cloudy.

The elegant lady in the middle is so cute!

My thoughts are with the victims of the terrible earthquake in Abruzzo. If you're in Italy you can sms 48580 to give 1 euro or if you call the number from your house phone you give 2 euros. The money goes to the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile (department of civil protection) that will distribute the founds where they are needed.

Thousands of people have lost everything

We had an earthquake here the night before and even though it was nothing compared to the ones they had in Abruzzo (the earth is still shaking there!) it was really scary to me and I hope I'll never experience it again!

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