Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Knitting pattern and baby news

I'm back in Italy from my holiday in Sweden! A lot of people have been asking about the weather in Sweden so I'd better tell you... I come from the south of Sweden, Småland, and it's actually been sunny most of the time. One morning we had around -20 degrees but most of the time it's been around -5 and just a couple of cm of snow. When we left on Saturday it was actually colder when we arrived in Milano than in my home town!

It's been wonderful being taken care of by my parents but I have a lot to take care of here so it feels good to be back too. For two days now I feel like I've done nothing but going to various doctor's appointments and booking new (when I finish this blog post I have another two calls to make...). Since our car battery didn't work when we came home I've had to learn the city's bus system, but people are so nice and helpful here it really hasn't been much of a problem.

As I've written before, I'm expecting a baby girl by the end of February so there's a lot to prepare and learn but everything's proceeding well and I feel fine so I'm not worried at all. I made my third ultra sound on Monday and my baby now weighs around 2,4 kg and is positioned the way she should. Amazingly I've only gained around 8 kilos so far! Yesterday I started the preparation course (don't know the exact term in English) which was very nice although a bit late I think.

Of course I've been crafting quite a lot, some together with my mum, and I'll show you more pictures during the week. This is my first knitting project in maaany years. My mum showed me how to do it and it's a very easy-to-make baby "helmet" cap. The pattern is from a booklet from the 70's and I've scanned it for you but it's in Swedish and I have no idea how to translate it into English or Italian, sorry!

I used the yarn my mother happened to have at home so I didn't choose the colour myself, but I think it'll look great with brown or white clothes. I have a tiny, tiny doubt I haven't sawn it together quite right because it doesn't look like the picture on the pattern... I made my husband try it on and he looked fine to me, but I promised him I wouldn't publish any pictures of that :D

Last picture for today but not least, this is the hand made wash cloth I won from Mia with the blog Min Inspiration. Thank you sooo much, I love it! Can't wait to try it.... or not... ;)


makiato said...

Söt liten mössa till babyn.

Fin broderad januari-bild längst upp till höger.

Certain Creatures said...

what a cute little red hat!

Kardemomme said...

Hei Rebecka :) Så koselig at du venter baby i slutten av februar og så nydelig liten lue..
Det var en herlig farge..Ser korall ut på min pc og den fargen er så nydelig!
Takk for koselige ord på min blogg forresten..Veldig koselig å se navnet ditt igjen..
Ha en fin kveld i Rimini!
Hilsen Kardemomme :)

Robin ^^ said...

vad kul att du är med och tävlar :D
p.s. nice name ;)

Utlandsmamman said...

Hej, vad kul att du hittade min blogg - så att jag fick hitta din :)
Nu har jag suttit och tittat på dina fina bilder och allt pyssel! Det bor en pysslare i mig med, men sedan vi kom till Italien (samtidigt som jag blev 2-barnsmamma) har jag tappat det. Tyvärr. Varje gång jag ser andras fina alster blir jag inspirerad och lovar mig själv att ta tag i det - garderoberna är fulla av tyger och stuvar så jag har ingen ursäkt :)

En annan sak har vi gemensamt på riktigt - jag är oxå smålänning!

Ha de' gott
Vi hörs igen!

Maria said...

Det är ju stor skillnad på vädret i norr och söder i vårt avlånga land. Ibland svårt att tro att man bor i samma när man ser bloggarbildre från tex Skåne. Idag har vi -20 grader och snö såklart. SÅ här är det verkligen VINTER!

Veronica said...

Hej Rebecka!

Vad kul att du varit in hos mig och kikat. Nu ska jag ta och kika igenom din blogg ocksà. Det ser trevligt ut hàrinne :)

Ha det sà bra idag!

Kram Vera

anderz said...

Mössan är verkligen jättesöt. Vi hade väl såna, vad jag minns?:)

segsliten said...

Kul med fler svenskor i Italien! Såg att du hittat in till Utlandsmamman och tar mig därför en titt på din fina blogg.
Kram ☺

Lisa said...

Super söt mössa till babyn! förstår att det måste vara skoj att fixa till din lila bambina ;) Mysigt värre.

Skoj att se att du bor i Italien med, måste vara skoj! Hur länge tog det innan du kunde prata italienska?

Jag har en sydafrikansk pojkvän som jag tvinga hit. Nån gång får vi nog bo där lite med.

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