Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Christmas embroidery pattern

I found these two Christmas embroideries in old books bought at flea-markets. Above a wool embroidery (from the book "Hemslöjdens Arbeten Andra delen" from 1956) called "Staffanskudden" and it's really a pity that the photo is only in black and white! It says that it's embroidered on a blue-green fabric with threads in white and pink etc. Unfortunately I don't have the pattern for that.

The second embroidery is a pattern from a booklet that tragically is missing it's covers. I think it's so cute but isn't it a bit dangerous carrying a mug of what I guess is "mumma", beer or glögg in one hand and candles in the other? He's obviously already a bit tipsy and he's walking down a slope so I wonder what happens next... ;)

Click on the picture to see the pattern better!

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SwellStitches said...

Such cute patterns! I love the fact that he's already tipsy.. he's in the holiday spirit! lol I adore your blog!

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