Thursday, 20 November 2008

Autumn leaves

I recently got the idea from the blog Craftstylish to make this autumn decoration (yes, it's starting to get colder here but it's still definately autumn..). Here's the tutorial made by Kayte Terry.

I've made the leaves out of pretty thick cotton fabrics and I needle felted the acorns. I used real leaves to draw the leaf patterns and the sugar shaker I used as vase is filled with stones found on beaches around the Italian coasts. (I've chosen to keep the vase simple and naural but it is a little on the small side so maybe I'll change it...) Kayte glued her leaves together but I chose to sew mine together using a contrasting green colored thread. Both leaves and acorns are attached with hot glue. See the tutorial for more info.

I actually had decided not to make it (this year anyway) because soon it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations and because I didn't think I would find the acorns. On my way home from a doctor's appiontment on Tuesday morning my eyes fell on this oak tree and even though it was just next to a very central square and people going to work looked at me like I was crazy, I just had to pick some acorns! My husband and friends often joke about me being the nutty Swede who robs things in the nearby park but I just can't resist to pick those elderberry flowers to make lemonade in the spring and of course I need some branches to put feathers and eggs in for easter!

Here it is in it's current place, in my bathroom on top of the washing machine.


Roberta Filava said...

bell'idea e bel risultato..cercherei soltanto una maniera più carina per il vasetto o altro..forse basterebbe un bel fiocco alla fine del rametto che poi potrai poggiare su un tavolo come centrotavola oppure appendere dietro la porta...comlimenti e scusami per i consigli ma è così originale che non può perderci per un particolare secondario..a presto

OttoPippi said...

Supertuffa! Me like!!! :-)

anna of sweden said...

Kul idé!

Karin said...

Underbara små ekollon!

Kari said...

great post!

i made kaytes modern centrepiece too - looks ace

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