Friday, 28 November 2008

Favourite embroideries

I haven't shown you this week what I'm working on but of course that doesn't mean I'm not crafting! It's just that most of the things are gifts for friends and family and I don't want to spoil the surprise for them so I'll show that to you later. Instead I'll show you some of my favourite embroideries I've made from kits during the years.

This is from the Danish Haanarbejdets Fremme design by Gerda Bengtsson. Cotton thread (Dansk Blomstergarn) on linnen fabric. Dansk Blomstergarn is really easy to work with and the colours look so natural.

I bought this kit "Bröllopsdansen" (the wedding dance), designed by Margareta Harström for "Svensk Hemslöjd", at Bohusslöjden in Göteborg many years ago and last time I was there they didn't sell them anymore. I love the colours and the different stitches with Klippan linnen thread on linnen fabric!

My mother started to stitch this 20x20cm tablecloth but grew tired of it and gave it to me to finish. Unfortunately I don't have the description of it and I don't remember anything else than that it's a copy of an embroidery from some Swedish castle. For me it has a sweet summery feeling with the flower pattern and the strong yet soft colours.

And...tomorrow we're off to visit friends in London, so see y'all on Wednesday! :)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Vintage baby clothes

My mum told me that when we come to Sweden for Christmas she'll give me a bunch of baby stuff that me and my brother used when we were babies. She said the clothes are pretty out of fashion and not very nice but at least they are practical so I started looking in my old photo albums to see what we wore back then in the 70's. Now, I don't know about you but I certainly won't have any reservations dressing my babygirl in these clothes! :)

Adorable elephant fabric....

My dad and me in matching outfits...

Looks like dinosaurs with flowers on them....

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

This morning when we woke up it was actually snowing! Bliss - lycka - felicità! :)

Of course now, two hours later it's all gone...

Have to go out in the rain to fight the Italian bureaucracy now... :(

PS. After posting this I discovered that you have to click on the pictures to actually be able to see the snow...;))

Monday, 24 November 2008

Christmas is arriving

This weekend they put up the Christmas lightning on the square below our appartment. It doesn't look like much now but I can't wait 'til they switch them on! Last Christmas was the first for me here and I felt like I was living above the sky with the star shaped Christmas lights but this year they chose another design. Of course I'll show you what they look like when they are lit! It's pretty cold here now, around 5 degrees celsius or so and it's been raining all morning so sorry about the greyish colours...



Friday afternoon I put up this shelf! For you Swedes maybe it doesn't seem like that much of an accomplishment but you Italians know what I'm talking about... To drill a hole in a stone/brick wall isn't exactly a walk in the park. Even if you measure really well where to drill the holes, like I did with my laser thingy (that I discovered scares the living daylight out of my budgies by the way), it's really hard to get them in the right place. At least with my hardly visible arm muscles. After drilling one hole for about 5 min I leaned on it to force it in but the baby girl in my belly wasn't very happy about that and started to kicking me like crazy... Anyway, it took me about 30 min but now it's there! :)

An Italian friend of mine made the cutest comment about my "tomte"... "Oh, thats so cute! Maybe for Christmas you can make one in red?" ;)
PS. The table cloth is hand woven by me in the 9th grade. We had a very nice crafts teacher who let us use her classroom during lunch breaks!

Friday, 21 November 2008

I got mail

Today our very nice post-girl brought me this package!

It's slightly flatter than in this picture...
Of course the Swedish cotton ribbon will be re-used in a Christmas ornament or two... :)

Yes, it's what I won from M with the blogs Leva som Jag and Vit Jul!

The hearts garland already found a home on our beloved glass cabinet my grandfather recycled from an old, boring archiving cabinet sometime in the 70's.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Autumn leaves

I recently got the idea from the blog Craftstylish to make this autumn decoration (yes, it's starting to get colder here but it's still definately autumn..). Here's the tutorial made by Kayte Terry.

I've made the leaves out of pretty thick cotton fabrics and I needle felted the acorns. I used real leaves to draw the leaf patterns and the sugar shaker I used as vase is filled with stones found on beaches around the Italian coasts. (I've chosen to keep the vase simple and naural but it is a little on the small side so maybe I'll change it...) Kayte glued her leaves together but I chose to sew mine together using a contrasting green colored thread. Both leaves and acorns are attached with hot glue. See the tutorial for more info.

I actually had decided not to make it (this year anyway) because soon it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations and because I didn't think I would find the acorns. On my way home from a doctor's appiontment on Tuesday morning my eyes fell on this oak tree and even though it was just next to a very central square and people going to work looked at me like I was crazy, I just had to pick some acorns! My husband and friends often joke about me being the nutty Swede who robs things in the nearby park but I just can't resist to pick those elderberry flowers to make lemonade in the spring and of course I need some branches to put feathers and eggs in for easter!

Here it is in it's current place, in my bathroom on top of the washing machine.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Lost and found

Some years ago I found these two embroideries at my mum's. Neither of them are finished but I thought they were too adorable to just lay there in a drawer so I asked if I could have them. My mum says she probably embroidered these in the late 60's or early 70's and since she grew tired of stitching them they ended up in a drawer and the pattern and yarn have been lost. After thinking a lot I decided to cut out the embroidered parts and make two pillowcases using some dark brown linnen fabric and what was left of the cotton/linnen fabric they were stitched on.

I think they're supposed to be poodles... anyway it's pretty psychadelic... ;)

Surfing around I found Swedish Naíma's Design that makes these adorable baby dresses and - she's giving one away! Last day is Nov. 30th.

Jag är så glad över att kunna presentera en förjulstävling i min blogg med ett överraskningspaket från underbara Blafre Design i Sessan och Prinsessan's blogg (31/11)

Hos Moonzana kan man vinna en väska från Louis Vuitton! (12/12)

Jag är med och tävlar hos En Mölnbobos Liv, man kan vinna en julbag med smycken värd 1000kr. Sponsor är Bicone Design som har massor med fina och prisvärda smycken. Tävlingen är öppen för alla och avslutas vid midnatt 18 december.

Jag tävlar om ett valfritt plagg från Alfons och Milla hos Sideline FashionMuppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du oxå. (11/12)

Jag tävlar om ett presentkort värt 400:- hos Poppilopp i Nikitas blogg. Tävla du med!! (9/12)

Tävla om en handvirkad disktrasa hos Min Inspiration före 15 dec.

Hos Broarne - lantlig inredning kan man vinna ett färgglatt diskset i november!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

We got mail

Yesterday this arrived in the mail. It's a cd with lullabies that my bonus cousin Giovanna made for our future daughter. Isn't it gorgeous?! And it's so cool "M" has started her personal "music library" before even being born! :) If you'd like to have a look at some more of Giovanna's art, click here!

The text says "A microscopical thought for the tiny "M!!" A huge kiss_"

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Inte en dag utan en tävling...

På Kajsas blogg Bland Kuddar och Busiga Barn kan man vinna en av hennes fina vimplar! 30/11

Drömmen om ett hus på landet lottar bl.a. ut detta fina hjärtat! (jag tror inte nyckelhålet följer med...;)) tom. 30/11

Hos Eikkala Den Lilla Inredningsbloggen kan man vinna adventssiffror! (Skulle jag behöva, när vi flyttade ihop tände min man alla ljusen redan på Luciadagen...han skulle ju bara vara gullig... inte kunde han veta om vårt konstiga svenska påfund...;))


I read quite a lot of books of different genres but I've always sustained that I don't like to read fantasy or science fiction because I've been convinced that they're just not very well written. Some years ago my husband wanted to proove me wrong and got me the book "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin for Christmas. I read it in English and at first I found the language pretty complicated, like some kind of ancient English or a bit like how Yoda from Star Wars talks, but when I got into it I really enjoyed it! It's rather poetic and full of small wisdoms like this "Go to bed for tired is stupid" that I embroidered. I framed it (yes, I know it's a little bit crooked) and put it above the sofa to remind myself not to stay up too late or my brain won't work properly the day after! (Ps. I haven't read the other books in the series...yet anyway...;))

PS2. I don't know if you have noticed but I put a music player to the left with songs that I love right now (some old, some new, some Swedish, some Italian, some American...) and that I think go well with my blog. So... if you're interested, have a listen! :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Nya tävlingar - så trevligt!

Hos Vita Saker kan man vinna denna underbara ambulansbil!

Hos Välkommen till Båtslyckegård kan man vinna dessa hemsydda kuddfodral 1/12!

"Jag tävlar om ett presentkort värt 300kr hos
A-BAY i Tant Ulrikas blogg. Var med du oxå!"

"Jag tävlar om ett presentkort på 500:-
att handla för hos KlKids
Muppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du oxå"

Monday, 10 November 2008

Baby quilt part 3

Oh, and I'm the happy winner of some beatiful Christmas decorations from Leva som jag! Thank you M!

I'd love to also win one of these...

...gorgeous vintage fabrics from Strömming

Friday, 7 November 2008

My precioussss

This weekend I started to organize some of the fabrics and sewing materials my grandmother left and that my mum salvaged for me. The embroidery materials are already organized but I'll show you that another day! I also rescued some fabrics and materials that nobody else wanted from my husband's parents' house, but there's more to pick up next time we go. Here's some pictures of those precious crafts materials that are in desperate need of a shelf!

Fabrics washed and ironed and other fabrics and materials neatly organized in boxes. Just ignore the bags in the background... no one's perfect :)

A closer view of some of the fabrics and boxes from my grandparents and mother-in-law

Isn't this a real treasure chest?!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Don't make an issue of my womanhood

Last week I made this embroidered picture for my sister-in-law's birthday but I couldn't blog about it until it arrived. On the way over to Sweden the glass broke and the bird fell off but we'll fix that! The quote is, I think, from an old Greta Garbo movie (Ninotchka - 1939) and is one of her favourites.

I bought the frame in the local Chinese supermarket (yes, it's plastic) and painted it cream white, the bird is from the same store, I found the paper in the paper store around the corner and the embroidery is made on dark brown wool with a Danish cotton thread.

Wanna win bonanza in Swedish

Sorry guys, it doesn't make any sense to write about these Swedish giveaways in English... but as always you can click on the pictures for more info! ;)

One giveaway just lead me to another so I decided to make it my morning project to participate in my favourite ones, yes I didn't even participate in all that I found! Luckily I had a cup of Swedish coffee (sorry my Italian friends, espresso is nice but I still prefer the Swedish "longer" coffee;)) and some blueberry/oatmeal cookies I baked yesterday at hand...

Stämningsfullt firar ett år och ordnar därför en liten tävling!

Hos nygammalt kan man vinna ett svart eller rött paket!

Blixman har vinster från Bagaren och Kocken (lyckades inte få hem bilden tyvärr...)

Mosters lottar ut en gåva till Advent!

På bloggen Annas Skattkammare kan man vinna denna vackra ljuslykta!

Lilla Flisans Hus firar 5000 besökare och lottar bl.a. ut detta ljusfat!

Hos Hem och Lycka kan man vinna vackra nostalgikort och ett halsband!

"Jag tävlar om ett valfritt smycke hos Dreams of Pearls
Muppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du också"

Jag tävlar om ett presentkort á 400:- att handla för hos
FridolinaMuppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du oxå

Jag tävlar om ett valfritt plagg ur
Hej Baby´s sortiment
Muppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du oxå

Jag tävlar om ett presentkort á 250:- att handla för hos Loppan och PiratenMuppsan´s blogg. Tävla HÄR du oxå

My Lovely Christmas Home lottar ut detta från Tildas Mamma

Fyra årstiders blogg kan man vinna denna vackra virkade filt från Ninn@s!

Jag är med och tävlar om ett presentkort värt 500kr hos i Tant Ulrikas Blogg. Var med o tävla du också!

Vävra Keramik lottar ut tre söta paketsmycken!

Leva Som Jag lottar ut det här fina julpaketet från danska Aspegren!

Drefseryd Gård lottar ut detta vackra lammskinn!

Hos Brunkullan kan man vinna te och en tjusig tekanna!

Villa Hemmet lottar ut fina saker till badrummet!

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