Thursday, 23 October 2008

My grocery shopping adventure...

My weekend project was to pimp up my grocery bag. I'm one of the very few in this super chic town that brings my own environmentaly friendly cotton bag to the local supermarket so why not make it a little more "elegant". My inspiration was, as you can see, the Feeling Stitchy banner and it was a nice little project that I really can recommend. I wanted to include the letter "i" to have an excuse to use a button so the text is "faccio la spesa" = "I'm grocery shopping" = "jag handlar mat". The name tag hides the logo of the company where my dad works. Sorry about the photo quality though... using the flash the photo becomes too bright and without flash it always ends up a bit blurry.

Oh, just have to tell you what happened to me yesterday when I went out to use my new shopping bag for the first time. I live in a town where people are extremely friendly or totally crazy and most ofte
n both. :) It's most of the time really nice because wherever you are someone strikes up a conversation with you like in line at the supermarket, at the newspaper stand (once a sweet old gentleman gave me quite explicit marriage advice a Wednesday morning when I was buying the paper :)) or on the train. The downside is that lots of tourists come here to party in the summertime so as you can understand an almost blond girl like me is considered an open prey. Anyway, my small excursion took about 40 minutes during which 3 men approached me in 3 very different ways:

1. I first went to the post office, took a number and sat down to wait. For once it was pretty empty but already after not more than 30 seconds an impatient 40-something old man came over to ask me which button I pressed to get a number. It turned out that we had pressed the same button (there are 7 to choose from depending on what your errand is) so obviously we had someting in common and we talked for a few minutes about general post office matters before it was my turn. All in all a nice conversation.

2. 20 metres from the supermarket a smiling young african man came up to me asking me if he could talk to me while he was waiting for a friend. I thought maybe he wants to sell something or talk about some religion so I said sorry but I have to go. He wouldn't give up and asked me if I spoke English (I said I do but he obviously didn't or at least didn't listen to me since he continued in Italian...) and if he could ask me something. Sure, I replied, thinking he maybe needed directions or something. Then he turned to a man behind me and said that the man was the friend he was waiting for but since the guy showed no sign of recognizing him he turned to me and said he just wanted to get to know me better. When I answered that, look, I'm married and obviously pregnant so thanks but no thanks, he turned around so quickly that that super fast woman in Heroes couldn't have done it faster...

3. The third guy was a street musician that had overheard most of my interaction with guy no.2. He sat by the door to the supermarket playing the guitar and seemed like he was waiting to comment on what just happened but by then I just wanted to get on with my errands (yes, I'm Swedish...;)) so I quickly went to enter... just to have the sliding doors close in front of me! And so the guy started to sing about me, the doors, my situation etc. just like in a scen from "Something about Mary" or "Gilmore Girls"! It seemed like minutes before the doors opened again and by then I was a little stressed out. I felt somewhat guilty 'cause he seemed really nice so I gave him a big smile and entered, but after having finished my shopping I escaped through the other door... If, by some weird one-in-a-billion coincidence, that guy happens to read this blog - sorry!

Last, but not least, some photos my photographer friend took when we went hiking in the nearby mountains last weekend:


Alicia said...

Hi, Rebecka!
Thanks for coming by my blog! Oh my gosh, you live in Rimini. In 2005, I spent nearly a week there when I was on a backpacking tour through Europe. We stayed at a camp site near the beaches (perhaps you know which one I'm talking about), but I can imagine it to be a nice place to live when it's not so crowded, or if you don't live near all that beach hubbub. Actually I got stung by a jelly fish (medusa! I remember the word) while I was there. Good times.

chiara said...

Hi Rebecka, even if I'm a bit late I'd like to thank you for your visit and comment..I see you're what are you doing in this sad and poor country??:))

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