Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mamma Mia!

Yesterday I went with a friend to see Mamma Mia! at the cinema around the corner (ladies night - 3 euros...), finally, I might add, 'cause it seems like everyone else saw it months ago. There were a lot of things I loved about the film; I'm a big fan of ABBA's music so I had to bite my tongue not to sing along, the actors/singers and in particular Meryl Streep were really good, the general atmosphere was so nice and the colours were wonderful! The blue ocean, the white houses, the Josef Frank fabrics and - don't you just love the turquoise/light blue bedroom with red and white accents?!! The simple, folkloristic and vintage feeling is just adorable! I tried to achieve something like that in our bedrom when we lived in Sweden and although it didn't turn out perfect in anyway (trying to recreate that kind of environment in a 70's bungalow isn't all that easy...;)) there were some things I was really pleased with that I brought with me to Italy.

1. In the back one of two pillowcases I embroidered, middle a pillowcase made from a cotton fabric my mum has woven and in the foreground a pillowcase I found at a fleemarket
2. A huge bedspread my mother-in-law made from old leftover or used yarn
3. A Swedish brides chest I sponge stained with soured milk (filmjölk) mixed with powdered pigments

4. Another of my mum's carpets, this one's partly made from old jeans

I also had this canapé (at least I think that's the word for it..? hung over the bed. It's made from a hand woven vintage sheet and I've used a cotton thread intended for weaving for the embroideries. Once I had put together the pattern it was a pretty monotonous job to actually do but very calming and so nice to see the red slowly filling the white background!

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OttoPippi said...

HEJ!!!!!!!! Så oerhört kul att hitta ´rill dig!! Och tackar, ackar för kommentarer "hemma hos mig". Skall kolla runt här! Vi ses i cyber!

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