Thursday, 30 October 2008

Folkloristic embroidery

I've already blogged twice today, so why not make it three?!
This is a pillow I made some years ago when I lived in Sweden and was a member of Täcklebo Broderiakademi (The embroidery academy - an association that in short promotes embroidery as an artform). I took an evening course at Smålands Museum together with some members of my local association and I don't want to get into too much into detail because I don't even know some of the words in English but we were to embroider pillows inspired by an exhibition of local folk art. Anyway, this is what came out of it for me! :)
It's an angel blowing in a trumpet (although my husband claims it looks like a huge joint) embroidered on wool using linnen thread and glass beads. It actually took part in an exhibition at the beautiful arts center Virserum Konsthall about female handicrafts (textilsommar).

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SABINA said...

è un ricamo molto bello... con uno stile molto particolare!

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