Monday, 27 October 2008

Country Christmas

Excuse my ignorance but before moving to Italy I had never heard of country painting and crafting before. Country is a big part of my life, but then I'm talking about the music genre. In Sweden I used to sing in a country group, Bellis Alba, if you're curious to listen to my voice you can do that here! Back to crafting though... last Friday I took a three hour Christmas decorations course at the local crafts store and I made these country painted wooden Christmas tree decorations. It's kind of weird but everyone agrees that they came out quite Swedish looking even though I let my instructor decide on the colours and she showed me how to make the snowflake pattern... When I came home I laquered (is that the word??) with normal glue mixed with a little water.

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Gloria (gloxy) said...

ciao Rebecka! grazie per essere passata a trovarmi! ho aggiunto il tuo blog alla mia lista.. cosi magari seguendoti imparerò l'inglese! un bacione! glo

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