Saturday, 25 October 2008

Baby quilt part 1

So, I'm calling this post "part 1" hoping that there'll be more parts to this story and that I'll actually be able to finish this project. What speaks against it is that it's my first ever quilt, I get really bored by cutting fabrics, I'm not very precise when I saw and generally I'm better at starting projects than ending them. But - I've chosen to make simle square pieces and letting the fabrics speak for themselves, I know where to go if I need help and I have until late february to get it done so... let me show you some pictures of what I've done so far:

I've done what I think is the most fun part, embroidered 20 8x8 cm squares to make the quilt more personal. I've used different techniques but they are all embroidered on raw linnen with cotton thread. The sewing basket was a gift from my grandmother about 10 years ago and she made the inside lined with pockets all around the side.

I found some patterns in old embroidery books, some from other people's blogs and some from my grandmother's old embroideries (I'll tell you more about her some time, she was, among other things, fantastic at inventing her own cross-stitch patterns or altering other's). I tried to choose somewhat meaningful motives like typical Swedish flowers, people on a beach since I live in a a city famous for it's beaches and a family going for a walk but other motives I just chose because they were cute... :) . The photo looks a bit blurred but if you click on it you see it much better. Wish me luck for part 2! :)

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Kristin said...

Wow, vilket jobb! Det kommer bli så fint!

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