Tuesday, 7 October 2008


To start off this crafts blog a picture of my latest project; an angel I made for my sister-in-law who's decorating their new appartment in Roma. I read somewhere that putting an angel in house is supposed to bring happiness and serenety to it's new inhabitants, so I decided to make one for my first visit there. I didn't know but apparently she already got all kinds of portafortune/lucky charms since their last appartment was said to be haunted. I guess a house built in the 17th century that survived numerous wars and famines most likely has ghosts in it, if any...
Anyway, if it works or not, my angel was most welcome and is now ovelooking a Trastevere street from a bookshelf in their living room! :)

I made the angel from a Panduro Hobby pattern but changed the fabric for the skirt to a cotton/linnen one since I really don't like synthetic fabrics. I also made the black details in dark brown and used glass beads instead of the plastic ones.


Cecilia said...

jag har gjort en likadan för några år sedan och brukar ha den i toppen av julgranen! :-)

Roberta Filava said...

..benvenuta nel mondo delle blogger handmaker, grazie del commento e per passare dal mio blog..ti aggiungo fra i miei "scambi di incontri" sperando di continuare a vedere i tuoi lavori e scopriirti pian piano...a presto

... said...

Åh vad fin! ÄNNU en anledning för oss att snarast skaffa hus! :D

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